María Elena Álvarez


María Elena Álvarez was born in Caracas. She got the Master’s degree at the Hartford Art School, at University of Hartford, Connecticut, in 1995. Afterwards she obtained the Master of Visual Arts at the University of New York in 1998.

Last few years her work has been presented in the most important galleries nationwide in Venezuela, abroad, she is represented in Guatemala, San José, Costa Rica, Havana, Lima, Ecuador, Seoul, Korea, Brighton, England, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York.

"The contemplation of the artist, who is deeply linked to human passions and to the obsession with secret stories, this can be the mystery to decipher in a piece of her work that involves from theoretical, intellectual, human and formal research to technical and expressive resources to reach the plastic expression, as Modrian defined. Otherwise we could ask why energy and power of the memory, of all what was seen is able to cause the creative process in a silence of an atelier with so many possibilities to work with mixed means of art without any mix of one with each other.

Her purpose is to reinvent the reality. It is based on the mutation of personal geometries. Maria Elena Alvarez’s work concerns the functions of the aesthetic object as the result of a creative work that combines various languages: collage, photography, painting, drawing and that one which comes from her own hand, brain and the art and herself. The artist organizes a visible matter of her work following instructions that balance divergences and convergences, rejections and acceptances, depicting all the rigor of sensitive repetitive construction processes of plastic structure perceptible to the spectator. Alvarez's work oscillates between figuration and abstraction. The division into four is a constant.

It is actually a type of chessboard, the color free fields are collocated with figurative elements, there are also placed portraits and other images. The rest of the grid is a counterpoint of black and white, like the “Travel to Babel”, or “Back Stage”, both from 2010, where the figures are painted on a paper cut from a book. She understands it as story telling pictures."  Belgica Rodriguez fragment, 5/2010


mixed, 2011
145×110 cm

De la mano
mixed, 2010
135×135 cm

La intermitencia

mixed, 2010 - 165×165 cm

Price: 1500 Eur


mixed, 2010 - 100×75 cm

Price: 1200 Eur

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