Exhibition Program

To fulfill the objectives of our spaces, we want to give artists the opportunity to hold an Individual Exhibition together with the possibility of creating an artistic production during their stay in Prague, for which they must present their portfolios or web pages and a project of display.

Two cultural exchange plants are offered:
On the upper level with access from the street; The gallery has an exhibition space of 3 x 10 m. (Walls of 3 x 4 m, walls of 2 x 4 m, walls of 1 x 3 m).
On the lower level of the gallery (basement): a workshop of 5 x 6 m. Equipped with a work table and 4 stands, ideal for two-dimensional works of formats between 100 x 80 cm and a maximum of 120 x 160 cm.
A study of 4 x 4 m. For one or two people, equipped with a comfortable sofa bed, a library with books and art magazines, a small desk with chairs. In addition, there is a kitchen and a private bathroom for the artist.

Our program includes:

* Airport Transportation - Gallery - Airport.
* Possibility of using the workshop to carry out the assembly of his works and create new pieces. Respecting the commercial use of the workshop *.
* Minimum 10 works of the artist's work.
* Preparation of invitations, posters and advertising on our Facebook and web pages.
* Opening of the exhibition: Invitation to our clients and to the general public.
* Refreshment for the opening
* Possibility to do a master class art, art talk or guided tour.

Short-term exposure (15 days)

Long-term exposure (30 days)

More information in the mail: katerina.bohac@latin-art.com

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